Learn how we are using data in Bliq Ride for our drivers

Passenger Hotspots

Always know what’s going on around you. 

Smart drivers understand what is happening around them. Car traffic, public transport or events at popular points of interests are just a few of the many factors that define where demand for shared mobility will be generated. Our data science team is constantly evaluating a broad array of data sources to make sure our drivers always enjoy a competitive edge when they are out there on the road with Bliq Ride.

Mapping out supply

We help drivers understand where competing drivers are

Successful drivers are aware of what the competition is doing and especially where it is located. Bliq Ride users benefit from exclusive insights into the movements of thousands of other drivers to pick the most lucrative areas in town.

Increasing driver safety with computer vision on the Edge*

*Currently only available for selected drivers

Selected Bliq Ride users are contributing critical road data so everyone can drive safer. Bliq Vision detects and broadcasts safety hazards like road condition, congestion and blockages using real-time image analysis.

Accurate Location Data

Precision beyond GPS

Driver efficiency boils down to a few key components and access to precise location data is one of them. We aim to build maps as accurate as possible to make referencing of objects in the real-world up to 10x more precise than GPS.

Join us on our mission. Work with us.

At Bliq, we are constantly looking for smart individuals to help us define, build and grow our technology stack and operations.