(04/2017) To all desperate drivers:

The solution is close! In a few weeks, we’ll be starting beta testing for the AIPARK smartphone apps. We would love to have you help us beta test the services and are very excited about your feedback. Everyone that lives – or at least drives – in the city of Braunschweig on a regular basis can participate. All you need is your smartphone that runs Android or iOS.
Help us test a brand-new technology and be one of the first ones to use it! AIPARK offers the most comprehensive parking map for the Braunschweig region with more than 40.000 spots covered! With the AIPARK apps, you can have yourself navigated on an optimal route around your destination, that maximizes the chance of finding parking. This saves you time and avoids stress. The best thing: AIPARK comes completely free of charge and free of ads for all participants in the beta test!

During the beta test, we collect and analyze your feedback to further improve AIPARK. Afterwards, the apps will be publicly offered in the Android and iOS app stores. We’ll open AIPARK to all of Germany at this point. This way, you’ll be to get parking information for all 60 million spots in our database! Feel free to tell your friends and family about it!

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