Going electric: Interview with Sebastian Genschow, Uber entrepreneur in Berlin

Electric vehicles have been around for quite some time now. But lately, many manufacturers, like Volkswagen, Tesla, and Nissan Nissanhave been increasing their focus on electric vehicles. Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry. It is estimated that by 2040, electric vehicles could make up 57% of all car sales

With this in mind, we sat down with Sebastian Genschow, Berlin-based ride-hailing entrepreneur and startup founder, to discuss ride-hailing with electric vehicles.

Here's what we asked him:

How long have you been working as a ride-hailing entrepreneur and which vehicles do you have in your fleet?

Sebastian: In 2015 I built up the CleverShuttle fleet all over Germany and since 2019 I run my own all-electric fleet in Berlin.

What does your company EKAROS.io do?

Sebastian: EKAROS solves the problem of the long charging time of electric vehicles by making fast charging stations reservable. Some of our charging stations have recently been installed near the historical Ullsteinhaus in Berlin.

Who are your customers at EKAROS.io?

Sebastian: Taxi and ride-hailing companies who want to take the step into an emission-free future.

After your experience with CleverShuttle: What was your motivation to found EKAROS.io?

Sebastian: As a pioneer in the e-taxi sector, we at CleverShuttle had to struggle primarily with the charging infrastructure. With EKAROS I made it my business to solve the problems of the confusing charging infrastructure for our entire industry.

Why should ride-hailing and taxi companies switch to electric vehicles?

Sebastian: There are high government subsidies for the purchase of the vehicles. Uber also offers an additional 1€ per trip with an electric car and higher chances of a booking through trips for UberGreen. 

What are the advantages for drivers of an electric vehicle fleet?

Sebastian: The clearly better driving experience and no exhaust fumes.

What should be considered when operating electric vehicles as an entrepreneur?

The selection of the right vehicles is essential. Not all vehicles on the market offer charging technologies that are indispensable for our industry.

What advice can you give to drivers in the Bliq community who want to maximize their income?

Sebastian: Switch to e-vehicles as soon as possible to gain experience.

Want to learn more?

EKAROS is asking fleet owners to participate in a questionnaire on switching to electric vehicles for taxi and ride-hailing companies.

Help them out by filling out this survey: mietwagenstrom.de