AIPARK is now Bliq!

Dear customers, partners and friends,

2019 has been an exciting year for us! Not only did we expand the global footprint of our parking product from Germany to Europe and North America, we also set up strong sales partnerships with key industry leaders.

We started AIPARK with the ambition of making the lives of car drivers easier by helping them find parking faster. We have built an information engine that is now processing data from more than 24 million connected drivers every day, providing real-time parking information in 500 cities across 15 countries and counting.

Parking is just the beginning

Drivers spend hours searching for parking because they don’t know where an open spot is available for them. Our technology is built to extract and deliver this information.

In a rapidly evolving mobility market, we realized that there are lots of opportunities where actionable information makes the key difference for productivity and comfort.

What we have built with parking in mind is the world’s most advanced street-level sensor network that captures thousands of parameters from millions of connected devices. The network is designed to extract street-level intelligence at scale – for applications far beyond parking.

Why we changed our name

We believe that the name Bliq much better captures the entirety of opportunities ahead. Bliq resembles the German word “Blick”, which translates to “View”.

The new name gives us the freedom to further extend our technology stack and to invest in new areas of urban street mobility.

Full of excitement for the future, we’ll continue working hard together with our partners to enable sustainable, fast and individual mobility for everyone.

Julian, Torgen, Johannes and the entire team at Bliq