Bliq Park: Plans & Pricing

Flexible options that grow with you



Committed Use

Included volume
per month 

10,000 API Requests



Community resources

Designated Customer Success manager and Support Engineer

Solution architecture review by in-house expert

Access to product and engineering experts

Service level

99.99% Uptime

Permitted use

Mobile Apps only
No server requests
No response storing

All platforms
Server requests
Extended response caching


Free forever

Talk to our sales team to unlock the full potential and to access deeper discounts, if you commit to usage. 

Frequently asked questions

The ‘FREE’ plan only allows you to request a limited number of API requests per month. Switch to another plan to access the full potential of Bliq Park. Contact us now to upgrade your account!

Contact us now to upgrade your account! If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for free.

‘Permitted use’ defines how you can integrate and utilize Bliq products:

‘Free’ accounts can only use Bliq Park with mobile apps. ‘Commited Use’ accounts can build for any platform.

Server requests 
Free’ accounts are required to send true end-user API requests. ‘Commited Use’ accounts can send API requests via their backend systems.

Response storing
‘Free’ accounts can only store API responses within the technically required caching period. ‘Commited Use’ accounts are eligible for longer caching periods.

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