Bliq Park: Parking Assistant

Parking doesn't have to be complicated.

Parking Assistant selects the best available parking options and optimizes last mile navigation to help users find parking incredibly fast.

How it works

Parking Assistant selects the best available parking options in the destination area and calculates an optimized last mile route that minimizes the time to find parking.

Taking into account all types of parking options, applicable rules, predictive and live parking availability are analyzed and matched up with individual driver preferences to create a personalized navigation experience.

Integrates all parking map layers


Realtime availability of curbside space and managed parking facilities via data feeds from millions of connected vehicles


Machine Learning models built upon connected car data and AI-powered modeling of parking availability


Prices, opening hours and applicable restrictions regarding stopping and parking

Base Map

Full compatibility with street maps from all leading providers.




Parking Assistant finds the best available parking options for you.

Product Managers

Have your service stand out with frictionless last mile assistance for your users.


Solve city parking with your service in just a few lines of code.


Fully personalized

Your users are individual. Parking Assistant accounts for that. Set search preferences regarding spending on parking fees, required walking distance to destination and others.

Make parking plannable

How long do it take to find parking there? Parking Assistant knows it. 

The system calculates the required search time based on the parking situation on arrival.

Last mile navigation

Parking Assistant delivers a set of waypoints that replace the last mile of traditional navigation. The service selects the best available parking options and calculates a unique route that minimizes the parking search time.

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Experience what's possible

AIPARK + Mapbox Turn-By-Turn Navigation

This project shows you how to integrate the AIPARK Parking Assistant in a Mapbox Android application. The app shows parking information on a Mapbox map including turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

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